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Davys in Sheffield - Paternoster Row

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my name is david cam i worked in every department started as a van lad 1969 my driver was ruih i think she married ken spooner then went in to the pork pie department jack was maneger  tommy and ann were supervisors  i remember tommy clark we started afoot ball team arthur davys grea lad tommy  i remember harry worked in confectionerys  he was gay his nick name was hand bag harry i can rember alot more could go on all night great place to work 

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Around 1960, as a somewhat timid and reluctant pupil (and fish out of water!) at Central Technical School, West Street, I remember walking, probably once a week, to tin-smithing classes at a workshop somewhere near to Davy's factory. It might well have felt as if I was serving a life sentence for something of which I was not guilty!  The futility and tediousness of it all was, however, often relieved by the appearance of a bag of broken sugar icing which was greedily consumed by all of us. By such acts of kindness is life remembered! Whoever you were, thank you!

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