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Sheffield Futures presents : Ding Dong. (Christmas Fair)

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Hi All,


Sheffield Futures is hosting an event at The Circle on Rockingham Lane near Costa Coffee to raise money for the Homeless and Rootless At Christmas charity on Saturday 1st of December. Entry is £1, this is donated directly to Harc and we currently have stall holders selling a variety of items from books to used women's clothing. Tea and Coffee will also be available so it should make for an enjoyable day.


Thankyou for reading this, Thomas.



PS, here is the advertising poster we have for further details, I'll attempt to respond to any queries on here also.


HJAxG.jpg - A link showing our advertising poster.


www.harc-sheffield.org.uk - A link to HARC showing the great work they do.


562708503756052 - Our Facebook events page (only created this afternoon so hasn't seen too much activty at the moment, hoping to pick it up soon. )

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Also I've been informed we have a few stalls still available if people are interested, please contact Emma Taylor on 0114 201 2815 for further information.

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