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Roman Catholic Cathedral Saint Marie's

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Hi Rosemary, thanks. I am English. I will have a look at the Cathedral when it opens. I have a big Catholic family in another city, and also grew up elsewhere in Catholic communities. I have not had any involvement with anything Catholic in Sheffield. Like I said I am not religious, but I do miss Catholic culture. People have different ways of doing things I think as an extension of being Catholic. When I have met people from Catholic communities in Sheffield, I have really liked them instinctively. We joked it was because we recognised the Catholic parts of ourselves. I am always very conscious that people from different backgrounds don't really understand Catholic family experiences or school experiences. It has never sufficiently bothered me to do anything about it, but as I get older I really would like to talk to people who have had a similar school experience or family experience, or who have a familiarity with church and festivals. Like I said I am not religious at all. It would be nice to meet people who are not aetheist for a little bit!! Most people I have met in Sheffield are ardent aetheist which I am quite happy with, but occasionally it would be nice to meet people who have a background knowledge of the experience of growing up in Catholic families, schools and communities.

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This life..... if i hear of anything going off socially that i think may be of interest to you will post on here.:)


I don't really know how you would meet any Catholics without being involved with the church, because most will be in the same position as you are mixing with non-catholics,and they will be found in all circles.I suppose it is a case of meeting someone by chance with a similar background to yours.

My own life revolves around family and a few friends, most of whom are non-catholics,and my social life is separate from church social activities,so i don't have any connections i can refer to you. In the future I'm expecting to have more time on my hands,when then i hope to get involved in something in the church.

The Cathedral will be open again now,i look forward to visiting.

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