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Old brick yard in Wincobank

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I worked there 1962 to 64.  It was run like a labour camp. Machines were operated by coloured people. Who were too frightened to say anything to the bosses.

The machines were started bang on time every morning. Even if the lads who took the clay bricks off and loaded the barrows up was not at the machine. They just let the  bricks fall on the floor and pile up. Then when the lad got to the machine he had to clear away the mess and take the bricks off the machine at the same time.

It was the same at the break times and end of the day the machines stopped at the exact time you were supposed to clock out. So if the day started at 8.00am the machines started at 8.00 and if the shift finished at 5.00pm the machines were stopped at that time. There was no canteen. You had to eat your snack sitting anywhere you found to sit. Believe me  it was dirty. dusty and unhealthy. In the winter we used to gather in the kilns where it was warm.  Tramps used to go in the kilns at night time because it was warm. I finished up barrowing the coal from outside into the top of the kilns. Where the kiln fires were controlled. Had to make sure there was enough coal for each of the fired kilns until the next morning. The weekend was the worst time because you had to make sure there was enough coal delivered to cover until you started Monday morning.  Couple of lads I went to school with worked there the same time.  Alan Lee and Terence Fontana. 



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4 hours ago, slotter47 said:

Any memories of the brick works on Rutland Road.

I remember going there with my dad in the 60s for a load of commons. They were £14 a thousand.

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