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Building a boat at canal wharf, 1960s

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Not directly linked to Capt Phillips' story but very similar.


Many moons ago in the 1970s my wife and I were visiting Whitby when we came across a rather impressive sailing ship berthed in the harbour. We got talking to the owner who was a miner at Kellingley Colliery and lived close by the pit. He told us that he'd built the concrete hulled boat in his front garden over several years and, once completed, he had to get it into the canal at the back of his house which was problematic until he begged a crane from the NCB which lifted it over the roof.

From there he'd made his way along the Aire and Calder navigation and sailed via the Humber up to Whitby.

Quite an achievement and you could tell he was proud. He asked whether we'd like a trip out to sea with him and we jumped at the opportunity.  

It was like spending a couple of hours on the set of the Onedin Line! The ship incidentally was called Gallower, which means a small horse or pit pony. Can't recall the captain's name but I always wonder what happened to him and his little pit pony, Gallower.



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