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7 year olds football

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my son is wanting to play football is there any where near s9 that have teams for his age ?

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Your best bet would be Young owls, Handworth or Brinsworth, they all play there home game in that area, but to honest most teams have already got there squads sorted by end of July so unless he's any good he will struggle this late to get a team.

Its a bit of a bunfight at under 7/8s as its the age when parents are pushing kids into it. Also kids that are not that good dont get much play time which causes anguish to the parents. Trust me i have seen it and its not pretty.

If you cant find a team, find a regular training session for him then try again at end of June when the seasons trials start.

If you are prepared to travel, like we were with ours try Sheffield Rangers at hillsborough. At that age they are brilliant with them.

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I'd echo what's mentioned above, Get him some decent coaching rather than a junior football team, It's dog eat dog down that road and can be a real let down for some kids.

I don't know if he's still in the Handsworth area but have a dig around for a coach called John Williams, He used to run training sessions at Pheonix and Tapton amongst other places though he lives at Handsworth, or did. He's a real nice guy, Knows his stuff and really brings the best out of kids with his patient approach, did wonders for my eldest two lads who i wouldn't allow into a junior football team till they were 11, i truly believe this is the beat approach as it's about learning and not results. :)

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We at Techne Global run turn up and play sessions on Saturday mornings at King Edwards Lower School, Darwin Lane, S10 5RG for 5-8 yrs (9:30 - 10:30) and 9-13 yrs (10:45 - 11:45).


We focus on individual skills, games and lots of small sided matches in a fun, friendly and safe environment. All coaches are FA qualified, CRB checked and first aid trained.


Sessions are paid up front on a termly basis which works out to only £3 per session, not only this, bring a friend that has not been before and you both will receive a 50% discount!


For more information, please see our website.

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Nowadays here you dont see many in the fields as we did yrs back


with the playing football and such likes


i think many now are in their houses playing computer games and such likes


Although i feel you can only coach so much as skill has to be in a guy

although also good to get the excersize in which is missing with the many



Crikey id be back in house from School yrs back and we'd have a quick bite to eat

and out for a game ..even played in the ice in January

as the Weather never stopped us them days and id hear my Mums voice pipe up

shouting my name when dark and getting late , id tell the guy next to me

dont tell her lol Always wanted and enjoyed playing and it was fun days


Me with ma Celtic top and guy at back from me, wearing his rangers top

and we'd kick lumps outa one another , i belonged a mining village and them days

was mainly rangers fans in that area i stayed, and id take some stick but gave as much as i got back

playing football etc was fun times really, and its missed when older and not as fit


Ps O/P

Good luck with regards yer Son finding a team

and hopefully it isnt a pals act whoever picks the teams as often a better player loses out

with such, but at such an age all should get their chances, as it should be about having fun as well as competition

theyre young after all


Quick Quote vv


Also is a good way Sport of any type in which your kid takes a liking to

is getting them involved from such an age as i think it keeps them away from any drug culture

in which some guys can get involved with when older say 16 yrs etc


I knew one guy many yrs ago and up until about 14 yrs played for Scotland School boys

he did have an exceptional talent , crikey a wasnt to bad a player but this guy

you would think he had some magic elastic band tied to his ankles or something

you could never get the ball from him, his both feet were very fast

but his touches also were exceptional and he also was an all rounder but dribbling skills

were top notch , later Rangers FC were i heard watching his progress

and then he some reason got involved with Drugs , he Died just approx 3 mths ago


He messed his life up as had the talent, which he himself admitted that he let himself down with football

and he had no interest yrs after, he wouldnt even watch football on tv etc


he as sais Died approx 3 mths ago aged 52 yrs ..

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