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Sheffield Charity Event and we want YOU there. please read :-)‏

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Hi fellow Sheffield Business,


My Name is Scott Reynolds from Prime Mover. We have 2 gyms in Sheffield with 300+ members and we concentrate very heavily on quality clean Nutrition, detoxifying products, and ultimate health (as well as exercise of course). I am planning a Charity Tea & Cake event in December(date to be finalised) serving gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free Buns & Cakes all washed down with some beautiful herbal teas..

I am approaching Sheffield businesses about exhibiting quality, healthy & ethical products/services from a small stand or simply just to attend. I wondered if this would be of interest to you as feel it would be a great introduction to your range/services whilst raising funds for Local Charity "Kids N Cancer".


If you would like to talk further about this then please do not hesitate to contact me my email or call me on 07778 549 978. I would also be interested in knowing (if applicable) whether you offer drop shipping services for my new website??


PLUS we would like to offer any of your staff a FREE 2 week trial at 1 of our Group Personal Training Centres in Sheffield. We specialise in range of essential areas from reintroducing people back into exercise through to muscle building programmes to get you ripped.


WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT TO ANY WHERE ELSE IN SOUTH YORKSHIRE? First off Prime Mover is a Lifestyle Brand, not just a gym, meaning we DON'T just induct you and then leave you to your own devices to run mindlessly on a treadmill, hit the sauna and then call at McDonalds on the way home for tea. Prime Mover from DAY 1 support clients to achieve results in Fitness & Weight loss with Guided Nutrition which works as they become lifestyle changes , and we don't end there! We support clients in Goal Setting, motivation and personal progression and we have seen peoples confidence and motivation go through the roof and clients report MASSIVE changes in all areas of their lives.


Secondly, Prime Mover is more than a Gym, in fact you will not find a treadmill in sight at our premises behind Decathlon, or at our site near Meadowhall. We know that "normal" gyms are.. well BORING and members rarely yield the results they desire. We use alternative equipment such as Kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers, heavy ropes, beer barrels, JCB tyres, sledgehammers.... you get the gist, THIS IS NO NORMAL GYM! Workouts are fun, motivating, structured and only last 45 minutes. Our workouts are High Intensity Interval Training sessions where you will work as a small group and be motivated throughout by one of our highly trained, highly motivated Personal Trainers. Our sessions are proven to be 9 times as effective as normal exercise and best yet, you continue to burn fat afterwards!


Prime Mover is a Local company and we are keep to forge cohesive partnerships with fellow Sheffield businesses. TAKE ACTION today to claim your FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL + WE GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL DROP A JEAN/DRESS SIZE IN 30 DAYS- OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!! Contact bookings@prime-mover.co.uk or you can call on 01142 866236. http://prime-mover.co.uk/


Thank you for reading and see you soon.




Scotty Reynolds

* Prime Mover

* Global Fitness Music

* Caveman Corner Shop

* Believe & Achieve Retreat

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