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A Chinese restaurant which doesn't use MSG?

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Did I say I haven't been to any of these places?


There are many places I haven't eaten in but I don't need to try them to know I'd be wasting my time.


Life would be expensive and confusing if we had no means of assessing a place without actually trying it.


There are independent reviews, feedback from others who've been there (who's opinions are valued) and even just being in the place and looking around at what's served up.


A guy posted some pics on here (or somewhere) of one of these places on London Road that is pretending to be Vietnamese. The food and the presentation looked just plain awful I'm afraid. It was just Chinese fare but they hadn't realised.


Having travelled extensively throughout the Far East, including Vietnam, I've maybe got a better idea what to expect than some. Vietnamese is the most fantastic cuisine in the world I'd say. Absolutely delicious - a mixture of French and Eastern cuisine - with lots of fresh fragrant herbs and spices.


Tell me there's a proper Vietnamese restaurant, not just on London Road, but in Sheffield - and I'd be there every week.


But there isn't.


I'm not knocking what you are saying about the 2 places you mentioned btw - I'd be interested to try this Mandar-Inn place - but I'm not thrilled by fake Vietnamese noodle places serving plain Chinese food in a cafeteria atmosphere frequent by scruffy drunk students or worse. Scruffy drunk people without any form of education.

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