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Decking Staining Advice

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Im wanting to re-stain my decking (about 10 sq metres all together) but hoping to do it on a budget as im selling my house (but still want it to look good and last well). Ive used Ronseal in the past but it peeled off after a few months, possibly because I didnt apply it very well?? (I used a spray that I poured the decking stain into).


Ive seen that Wickes' decking stain has got good reviews so im tempted to try that this time, unless anyone else has any good recommendations. Im also going to use a decking cleaner before application this time.


Also, what is the best way to apply decking stain (again, with a small budget in mind for the applicator). Ive seen sprays, pads, brushes, etc.


Any advice appreciated.

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I have just restained a similar size deck with the Wickes stuff (for exactly the same reason, selling the house and didn't want to spend a fortune) and it looks great. Colour is good and it was easy to apply with a brush, I wouldn't personally bother with pads/sprays etc. Cannot comment on how long it will last but fingers crossed.


I did have to return the first tub I bought because it was some strange grey colour but the second one was fine.


Hope yours comes up a treat like mine did.



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