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Shirecliffe Secondary School

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Just posted today on school house names forum. Do you remember some of the names listed?

1953 Shirecliffe Nursery My emblem was ships wheel

1955-1957 Shirecliffe Infants Can't remember much except classrooms were huts. Think I spent 2 years there between 55-57

1957-1961 Shirecliffe Junior Remember Mrs Halifax (aka Mrs Battleaxe) Headmistress. Miss or Mrs Bee and Mr Mumby. Can't remember house names but seem to recall wearing a blue badge. Anyone remember house names.

Do remember board with flying spaceships, on curtain wires, to count the house points though.

Last year there ended up as deputy head boy (60-61). Made my family proud, but can't recall what the position entailed, except meeting a few visiting dignitaries.

1961-1965 Shirecliffe Secondary. It may have changed name to Shirecliffe High about 63.

Some names to recall

Mr Robinson (Robbo) Headteacher

Bill and Alf Thomas (Welsh gits)

Mr Sanderson (think he may have been a leek muncher too)

Harry Altass? Metalwork teacher famed for handing pupils black hot pieces of metal, I still laugh.

Mr Staley woodwork and splinters.

Gordon Hobson sportsmaster and a decent footballer.

Can't remember the name of the guy who was a good cricketer but he sparked a lifelong interest in the game for me. Old brain cells say Middleton.

Bill Green, Sadly passed away after my first term. Nowt to do wiv me honest. He did smoke heavily I recall.

Miss Grundy replaced him for the rest of the first year. Her more famous brother sometimes brought or collected her from school. Dave Berry the Sheffield "Pop Star"

Mr Hurst he taught in a hut not the main brick building.

Ena Wright english teacher

Mrs Watson. She once tried to "beat" me for some misdemeanour, but me and the whole class roared with laughter as she was 5 foot nothing and I was a burly 6 foot 4.

Eventually made prefect, one of about 12 who policed the school for the teachers. Most probs we resolved without going to the the teachers and I think most pupils liked this approach even if there was a little physical intimidation applied sometimes.

Australia (mine) yellow

Canada blue

New Zealand green

South Africa red

were the houses

I left July 65 to work on the railway. Only did 4 months (Time of Dr Beeching)

Went on to work 45 years in the steel industry

First at Daniel Doncasters then British Steel - Corus - Tata Steel. Same firm different names.

61 now got made redundo last year, guess there's only scrapheap and sheff forums left.


i was born in 1955 attended the nursery...those white brick huts...infants and juniors....remember vic spencer was the sports master...attended the seniors for only one year and left in 1968....

lads my age were chris bartholamew,wes heywood and john gallagher...remember playing on the tip used to have a great big bonfire...penny for guy outside arches,devonshire and magnet....the saturday mornings at forum...happy days

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I thought Mick Boyce lived at 156 Longley Ave West, 3 doors down from Crumpsall Rd as I bought a Dot scrambler off him around 1959 from that address, but I seem to remember that Mick did live up around the corner, so it must have been his mates house at that address, my mother made me take it back because I tore up our back garden, ha ha.
I think that will have been my cousins house on longley ave west Tony Robinson they were very good friends.Owl6,Mick byrne is my relation and used to live on Morgan ave.The bracks were Frank and Carol if my memory is correct many years ago they won a fair ammount of dosh,they lived opposite Mick Boyce.

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Does anyone know what year Shirecliffe Secondary Modern  school was built?

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My name is Ian White went to Shireclife  1958 to 1963 left school with a 25 yard a swimming certificate. I was terrified of Mr  Stavely  still rubbish at woodwork .On the up side I Mr Hurst for history and Miss wright for English still two of  my favourite subjects. Does anyone remember Dave Hartle Ian Smith or Geoff  Holland

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I went to Shirecliffe Infants, Juniors and first year at Secondary Modern (1948-56) before passing entrance exam to Central Technical School. The 'House Names' I remember in the Primary School were as follows:- Kingsley (Green) Grenfell(Yellow) Scott(Red), which I was in and Nelson(blue). I believe the names at Sec. Mod. were New Zealand(Green) which I was in, Australia(Yellow), South Africa(Red) and Canada(Blue). The Infant School Head Teacher was Miss Davy and Junior School Mrs.Halifax (nee Cox) whose Ford Popular Car at the registration plate MUM 11 although as far as I know she didn't have any children of her own.


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Geoff Holland is a lifelong friend of mine, we were at Longley Juniors together as was Ian Smith. 

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