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Car stolen..Bell house road

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Wondering if anyone can help, I know how useful this forum can be at times like this.


Just a note to say if anyone finds a "blue corsa" , I reckon it looks purple though lol. Although now it might also be black and burnt out, As it was STOLEN off BELL HOUSE ROAD at some point last night.


The registration for it is....V53 KDN



Could you please private message me, we are not sure what time it was stolen. It was not outside the house this morning, when my dad got home from work. He woke my brother to tell him the car was not on the front, and sure enough it was not.


My brother worked hard to pay for his car and insurance ect. He works 12 hour shifts weekends and is also at college Monday - Friday.


His a good kid, and not like most lads I know at that age who rather be out getting in to trouble.

I am so annoyed they have done this, as I bet the person who stole it . Was a bored youth or older lad that sits on their backsides all day doing sweet FA.

And nothing but a giro once a week to look forward to.


Robbing sods, anyway any information provided would be appreciated. Thank you....

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