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Warning: Sheffieders now require ID to enter certain parts of Barnsley.

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Yup. Thanks.:)


Little bit less than Sheffield and the tips are open till 7pm in the Summer!


What about Rotherham?

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I've been to the tip off Herries Road 4 times since last Monday. I am doing what I am supposed to do when my bins get full. The council, as everyone knows wants to close a number of tips at the same time when they're changing bin collections to every other week.


We all try to reduce the amount of rubbish we produce but it isn't that easy. The problem will not disappear over night.


Then neighbouring councils bring in their own form or tip apartheid making matters worse.


Quite why I am explaining this to you, I don't know. Jobsworth I ain't and I don't consider this a petty matter.



Our green bins have been taken away and black bin collection rolled out to once a fortnight. I went to stick some hedge trimmings in my black bin this week only to find the bin full (presumably with neighbours overspill.


Are we now expected to stick padlocks on our bins?

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Residents of South Yorkshire now require ID to enter certain parts of Barnsley, as certain council funded services are only available to local residents.


Do not expect to travel freely around the SSRSY in order to use council services.


Do not expect Barnsley to pick up the tab for Sheffield.


Sheffielders have been migrating to Barnsley tip in order to dispose of waste legally. Barnsley has had to implement measures to stop this.


Sheffielders are no longer welcome. To enter Barnsley tip you now require ID to prove you are a local resident.






Perhaps Barnsley should build a wall to keep the Sheffielders out?


So whats new ?, the men at Beighton tip often ask where you live when tipping rubbish.

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