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Sheffield Shamblers Walking Group - Goyt Valley - Sunday 1st July

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This is a lovely moderate going 9-10 mile walk taking us roughly 5. 5 hours.


The long neglected grounds of Errwood Hall provide the starting point for this varied walk which takes in the heights of Shining Tor and Cats Tor with their views west to the Cheshire palins and east to Goyt Valley, before descending into the valley for some tranquil walking along the ridges of the ferries and round the reaservoirs.


The walk offer great views of the dams and reservoirs and we'll be walking along well used paths, tracks, through fields, woodland and some road roadwalking



Start time: 10:45am


Meeting point: Errwod Hall Car Park situated on the south west edge of the Errwood Reservoir.


It can be accessed from the via Goyts Lane from the A5004 Buxton to Valley Bridge Road or down the roads sign posted to Goyts Valley from the B5470 Macclesfield to whaley Bridge road.


Refreshments and Toilets: None


Parking: As above.


Public Transport: None, therefore if people could posti f they are able to offerl ifts it would be greatly appreciated


Walk Leaders: Miss Chatterbox, Village Owl


Additional information:


Walking World walk ID number: 1195


Anyone who is able to offer lifts, could they put this in their post, passengers please note that the driver may wish to join the rest of the group for a drink after the walk, so please bear this mind, thanks




Anyone joining the walk should be of a level of fitness relative to the walk being undertaken, be appropriately dressed, have suitable footwear, and have with them enough food and drink for the duration of the walk...

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