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What do you think of Mexborough high street/its centre? / improvements

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Dear Sheffield Forum,



I am a Masters Student at the University of Sheffield who is studying an MA in Urban Design. I am currently working on my final thesis project over the summer and i have decided to base my final project on the neighbouring town of Mexborough, inparticular its declining high street, the centre and along the river.


I was therefore wondering what local residents of Mexborough or people in the surrounding area think of Mexborough high street/its centre?


A £50,000 Government cash boost for Mexborough town centre was approved this week and could be used to move the market onto the High Street. The fund is part of a £10million Government pot intended to be used for bringing empty shops back into use, inspired by a report commissioned from TV retail expert Mary Portas.


So what improvements to Mexborough High street or its centre/ or Mexborough in general, would you like to see with this money or in general?



Thank you for your replies. Your thoughts are extremely appreciated.




Student at The University of Sheffield

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I lived in mexborough for 5 years and the only improvement would be to bomb it! Its an awful place full of thugs, drunks and druggies.

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Recently spent a fair bit of time in Mex.


The station is nice. (It won small station of the year last year). Recently the flower beds haven't been tended, - give a Northern rail staff member 60 minute overtime per week to tend the plants as condition of running the station. Boost local economy and just improve look of station.


The prime location beside the station - most likely going to be sold of for some supermarket - really should be a public garden! A green space for locals would be better IMO.


The high street and market? Have a fair variety of shops, some empty, ironically the old market hall built in the 18th century which looks like a big white temple from distance is a well known chain pub. A lot of the shops that are open are worth visiting.


Not many young people in the street. Lots of older people visible. More mobility scooters than bicycles. I imagine most people look to move for work. The area needs places of employment - it is still suffering from earlier job losses in the coal industry.

I found the people friendly,


The canal - nice! That's a very good feature for a town, and it can be used for business too - some freight sill carried even!


'Construction house' - Resembles 'irony'.




I reckon Mex would be a prime place to start social industry. Council industry (as opposed to council housing). Factory units and communal warehousing for start up companies at little/0 cost to the start ups.

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