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Relocating - Dore/Totley area advice

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Lots to choose from in S17 which is the Dore & Totley council ward, including Dore (poshest!) Totley and Bradway (up the hill). There must be one or two worth looking at here;




We expected to be here 3 - 8 years, and haven't moved since 1978! Bradway Primary School is also good and secondary education offers a good choice too, not just King Ecgberts. Peak District within walking district. Low crime. Good rail links to the south from Chesterfield and to the north from Sheffield - plus Manchester from Dore. Buses not so brilliant!

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Thanks everybody for your advice and suggestions. Lots for us to think about and some great looking houses.


Another suggestion that has come up is Dronfield. Schools are good, houses seem to be slightly cheaper and it wouldn't be a problem for me being that bit further outside Sheffield. What's it like?


Off on holiday for 10 days today but will check thread on our return.


Thanks again for all your help, seems Sheffield folk are a friendly bunch :)

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