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My gate is being used as a dog toilet!

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Im getting a bit annoyed now with someone who very kindly lets their dog leave me little presents at the gate to my allotment. Is there anything I can spray or put down to put the dog off using said area that wont harm the dog?


Has to be the same person as thats 3 times in the last week, all around the same sized 'parcels'. As im not at my allotment all day everyday I don't have any idea who it is but if I saw them I would be having a word as they are to blame rather than the dog. My kids visit my allotment so I dont want them to come to any harm, or the dog for that matter.


Any ideas appreciated!

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The only thing I can think of is citronella oil. Dogs don't like citronella and it is used in pet corrector sprays. I have never used an oil form and I think it would be expensive to pour around the area you don't want them to go.


For now, I would just put a polite sign on your gate to ask people not to let their dog mess near there. It is against the law to leave it anyway so if they ignore your sign, I'd put a fake camera up with another sign saying foulers will be reported and fined by the council.


Good luck. It must be very annoying for you.

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clean the area with biological washing powder


dogs return to previously 'marked' spots, so if it can smell where it has messed before, it will do so again - removing the scent will (hopefully) encourage it to mess elsewhere

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It's likely that the dog lives close by and that your gateway is the earliest opportunity it has to relieve itself and without dispelling the theory behind the washing powder idea it's very likely that with or without a scent remaining it will go in that spot again.

Put it in a bag with a visible note explaining that they will be reported next time the dog fouls there.

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