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WANTED: Piano Teacher in S10 area.


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I am looking to start learning the piano as from September time.


I have a piano at home, but am also happy to travel, as long as it is not far ie staying in the same postcode!


However, two consecutive weeks out of every six, I WON'T be able to make the lesson due to work constraints, so, I need a teacher who won't want a regular weekly booking/payment up front for a set number of weeks.


Is there a teacher out there who can offer this flexibility?



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I seem to be saying this a lot lately but it's a good thing. Always believe in recommending good people.


Try Jon Draper (JonnyCello on here). Incredible musician, great teacher, and lives in S10 himself. Just PM me if you want his number. :)

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I would strongly recommend Chris Sproston. Our daughter (age 6) started taking lessons with him some time ago and he has been an inspiration! He has a great rapport with her and he has made learning fun for her. She has made great progress and enjoyed it so much that I started taking lessons with him again after a break of about 20 years! I can't recommend him enough for children and adults alike. I have certainly learned things from him that I never learned as a child.


I think he has had a couple of slots come free recently so you may be lucky. He also does lessons in your own home which is very handy. He lives in S10 and covers quite a few areas in Sheffield.


If you are interested, drop me a line with your details and I'll put you in touch with him.



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I too can recommend Chris-he stepped in at short notice when our previous teacher let our daughter down with prep for her grade 8-he boosted her confidence no end,and she sailed through,and enjoyed her music again.

Please pm me if you want his details,John.

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Hi you might me interested in looking at our mobile music school. Lessons are paid for in blocks of 5, but they do not need to be consecutive weeks.


From Advert -

Learn to play the keyboard and piano with Primavolta Mobile Music School:


1. All our lessons take place in your home – reducing your travel and waiting time, meaning that you do not have to haul your instruments around town, or that you can learn on your own piano.


2. We have an online pupil area with exclusive content that is growing every month, helping to save on the cost of music books.


3. Primavolta runs a pupil of the month & year incentive schemes to motivate our school aged pupils - Providing parents with pupil logs & playing logs to monitor practice and progress.


4. We use only the best innovative teachers, to make sure all our pupils can learn effectively. Our teachers and lessons are fun and innovative (ipad learning / DS games / Music Snap / Music Dominoes) to keep the appeal of learning going in the long term.


Primavolta is the music school in your living room


To find out more phone 0114 299 6206 or visit our website http://www.Primavolta.co.uk

Google or Facebook "Primavolta"

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