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Where can i buy a chicken coop

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Nivachik is probably the best bet if they are not too expensive.


You can have a free standing next box inside a wooden box coop, much better to clean out. Also have a free standing perch. I'm starting a blog on cards and chickens so I will post a link when it goes live.


Most of the coops you see for sale are generally expensive rubbish. Soft wood, too small, too narrow perches, not enough run roo, not even fit for purpose. I do have to admit that I did buy one as a broody coop and it was okay for the money. I only paid £85 for mine and it has just lasted three years.


If you have room you would be better of getting a tongue and groove 6x4 shed. Get a seconds (lots of knots in wood or small holes) or an ex demo one.

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You can get a coop anywhere - no need for it to be from Sheffield. eBay will have loads of choices, I think they're often called arks. I went for an Eglu, which is plastic and pretty low maintenance. One thing I've learned is that the longer the run, the better. Especially for the days I actually go into work and can't let them free-range. Also, ensure they have somewhere covered 'cos they're idiots and go out in the rain even though they're not waterproof... like today. Good coop + long run = happiness.


If it's a wooden coop / ark, then it will likely need assembling... maybe that's why you thinking local might be better?

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