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Video Game Expo - 6/7 July - Games Britannia Replayed

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Games Britannia: Replayed, held at MAGNA Science Adventure Centre, will open its doors to the public on 7 and 8 July for a weekend of gaming events and activities and to celebrate 40 years of the British videogame industry.


Games Britannia: Replayed is a little piece of E3 coming to Rotherham and Sheffield. The show already has a number of well known publishers signed up to bring their latest games and previews of some upcoming titles. We are in discussions with other publishers and hope to have more confirmations very soon.


Namco will be displaying a host of their latest titles including Inversion, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, Tales of Graces F, Madagascar 3, Ben 10 Galactic Racing, Ridge Racer Unbounded and Witcher 2.


Nintendo have also confirmed they will be bringing their Nintendo Unleashed Tour to the event, which will have the latest 3DS and Nintendo Wii games.


Minecraft is the videogame sensation that has revolutionised indie game development and has changed the way we look at publishing new software. Come along and play Minecraft, as well as meeting the team behind the hugely popular and entertaining Minecraft EDU.


Sumo Digital - the jewel in Sheffield' videogame development crown, responsible for the fantastic SEGA & Sonic All Star Racing, BBC Dr Who Adventure Games and Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast will be out in full force at Games Britannia: Replayed with their latest games. Come and meet the team who have been trusted with Sega's very valuable videogame properties and see what is on the horizon.


Do you think you are the best at FIFA? How about fighting games - are you a master of Street Fighter or Tekken games? Or maybe FPS shooters are your forte? If so there will be a series of gaming tournaments throughout the weekend which will give you chance to prove your skills, with great prizes supplied by publishers.


Our indie zone will showcase some of the best independently produced games of recent years, including UK exclusive first-plays of Majestic-12, Gunpoint Game, Redshirt and Girls Love Robots. The highly addictive Chompy Chomp-Chomp will also be playable in an insane four player mode!


From 3D Monster Maze to Batman: Arkham City, the Best of British zone will feature some of the biggest British games, giving people the chance to celebrate games that will provide a legacy for future generations.


Our Games Britannica Zone contains the very best games on the greatest platforms from the past 40 years, but will you agree with us? Whether on PC, Console or Arcade we have picked what we consider to be the most groundbreaking games in each genre. Likely to cause debate, guaranteed to evoke nostalgia!


As well as the best in gaming, the weekend will include keynote speeches and workshops from some of the British industry's key players.


In the 50th anniversary year of Dr No, Martin Hollis, producer of the legendary Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye, will share the stage with the man who helped to reload the James Bond game for the 21st century, Eurocom’s Tony Wills.


And marking 30 years of the Football Manager franchise, original creator Kevin Toms and current custodian of the series Miles Jacobson OBE of Sports Interactive will talk about the game and management genre’s lasting appeal.


Karl Hilton of Crytek, creators of the Far Cry and Crysis games, as well as the CryEngine game engines will also be coming along.


Do you want to get into the games industry? Want to know which subjects to study at school? What subjects your children should be studying at school? what courses are the best at University? The best advice is available via our industry experts, Blitz Academy and SHU.


Finally, a Replay Events show would not be complete without some of your favourite things - including Replay Ages (a nostalgic look at the progression of gaming hardware throughout the past 40 years) and the famous Replay Lounge featuring the very best in multiplayer game setups - slouch on the couch with your mates and play four player games for as long as you like.


Games Britannia Replayed - Gaming Nirvana, right here in Sheffield!


More info visit http://www.gamesbritannia.com/replayed/index.php

Buy tickets at http://www.visitmagna.co.uk/events/general/398/games-britannia-replayed/

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