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Parkhead Traffic Congestion / Proposed Tesco Express

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Traffic Congestion / Safety To Road Users & Local Residents


The main road serves both an extremely busy feed to both the Sheffield City Centre and out to the peak district.


I have a friend who lives close to the finished development on Abbeydale Road Totley. Servicing vehicles some time after the store opening now quite often queue up; to the dismay of local residents and a danger to road users on the Abbeydale Road with a lower speed limit of 30mph but not quite a busy as Ecclesall Road South with a 40mph limit.


There are many junctions close by: Parkhead Crescent, Parkhead Court, Parkhead Road and Bents Road most of these are extremely difficult junctions to exit whether going towards Sheffield City Centre or towards the Peak District.


Further traffic crossflow of both service traffic and normal road users will make an already congested area to an area which could prove to have very serious consequences to both road users and pedestrians. It will surely push these local roads, traffic controlled lights and junctions towards their maximum capacity.


A community service opened by the Deputy Prime Minister; used by many local residents and business's may be under threat of closure should their proposal go ahead.




Ref 12/01397/FUL



Deputy Prime Minister Opens Parkhead Post Office





Development Across The UK


Every Little Hurts



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We had a similar application in Crosspool a year or two back. That was rejected.


Here's a similar thread for that




You may want to read through the documentation on that but it wasn't rejected based on the fact that Tesco were taking over the world or that it would be bad for other businesses.


I think that it was rejected based on the fact that there was not enough room for the lorries to unload and lack of parking as well as the fact that it was on a really bad road junction.

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What about parking if allowed to go ahead ?

The parking at the proposed Tesco couldn't be any worse than the parking at the shop where one has to turn up Parkhead Crescent drive across the pavement and exit by driving across the pavement onto Ecclesall Rd Sth.

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