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MR2 won't start

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I have an 89 MR2, i had a few problems a couple of months ago with the car not starting. It spinned over and you could smell unburnt fuel, just wouldnt spark. After checking the sparks we were only getting one spark when trying to fire it.


I replaced the ignition coil/ignitor pack, spark plugs (all the leads seem fairly new) and the distributor cap. I have taken out the distributor itself and had it test and been told it is fine (also re-timed it when put back in).


After replacing all these it started up, ran for 5 minutes and cut out. Then did the same thing as before (spinning over, smell the fuel and only sparks once). After letting it cool for a few hours, it would start up again but then cut out when hot. I monitored the rev's when sat running and it slowly drops to below 500 then cuts out. I also listened for the engine compartment fan kicking in but doesnt.


Can anyone give me any advice on this? I am a fairly novice mechanic, so even if you think your reply is stupid/simple, it probably isnt to me! I have had a mechanic on my road helping me with this and his is also lost!


Thanks in advance.



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