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VENTNOR COURT - Stairs runner!

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Are you listening all night possibly to people (I think theres 2) running about the stairs at Ventnor Court?


I've been very patient in the past but now after weeks of disrupted sleep am getting quite annoyed!


What can I do?


Confrontation is not an option as I live alone, but I have to say am getting quite frightened in my own home!


These nuts are doing this almost every night now!

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Tape record the noise if you can and make a note of the date and time. Ring 101 and tell them you feel unsafe as you're a vulnerable woman all alone (exagerrate if you have to). Ring them every 1/2 hour if you have to until they come out. I wonder if the council would be any good?

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Has Ventnor Court a secure entry system? If so, then it's likely to be residents. If not, it might be outsiders or residents.


Do you hear doors slamming or music playing? If so, it's probably residents. If not, it's probably outsiders.


In either case, as others have said, report it straightaway as a suspected burglary to 101.

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Some people are idiots. Why would they waste their time running up and down stairs all night! Have they really got nothing better to do??


They're probably doing it so people come out and confront them. Maybe if they're just ignored, they'll stop it and go away?


Have a word with your neighbours and try and get as many people as possible to report it. Surely they'd have to do something about it if everyone kept complaining?

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