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Can you travel abroad on prison licence

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What are the conditions?


There are six standard conditions for prisoners serving determinate sentences i.e. a custodial sentence with a fixed length. The prisoner should:

  • Behave appropriately and not commit further offences or undertake any activity that may undermine their attempts to resettle in the community.
  • Maintain contact with their supervising probation officer and do what is asked of them.
  • Allow their supervising probation officer to visit them at home if they need to.
  • Live at an address approved by their probation officer and keep them informed of any changes of address (even if only for one night).
  • Only do work, paid or unpaid, that has been approved by their probation officer and keep them notified of any changes in employment.
  • Not travel outside of the United Kingdom. (Travel outside of the United Kingdom will only be granted in certain circumstances and then only very rarely)
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