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Portrait of pet wanted

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because I've just joined I can't PM yet.

If you can email me some photos I can say which I think would make the best picture, or you can say which you'd like (and I'll do that unless it's really awful quality).

It's up to you what you want- which photo, whether head and shoulders or full dog, and whether in pencil (cheaper!) or acrylic paint.


If you want it painted you can have it on a box canvas (a canvas on a wooden mount about an inch thick) or on flat canvas or paper. All except the box canvas will then be framed.

Canvas just means the detail is slightly less crisp as it is a rough surface, it's just down to personal choice. It can work well for a long haired dog.


The prices are on my website along with my email address- might be safer emailing me as I'm not quite sure how to use the forum yet- I even gave up on facebook!


If you want it doing soon I'm currently doing a 10%off deal.

And I'm so sorry about your husband's dog, it's awful when you lose them.


Thanks for replying.

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I know a lady who does commissions:




A few people I know have been very pleased with her work.

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