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Beds with Storage

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I am looking to buy a bed which will give me good storage as well, I know about the old box beds with drawers underneath but have been looking at those new Ottoman style beds which lift up enabling you to put stuff under the mattress area.


Now I have seen a few Ottoman style beds at the Dreams shop and Bensons For Beds and would like to know if anyone has bought one of these and would be able to tell me what the quality and durability is like especially seeing as the lifting mechanism is the main subject of concern.

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I bought a really good quality one last year from that little bed shop on Mansfield Road (can't remember the name). It has a cupboard underneath with sliding doors - so much more storage space than the drawer variety. The storage area covers the whole width and length of the bed, and is quite deep.


I looked into the possibility of one of those lift-up ones before I bought mine, but found the ones I looked at took up too much room, as there was an extra border round the edges.

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Not a clue. Rest Assured, I think.

Who memorises the manufacturers of all a household's beds?


The badge at one end is usually a dead giveaway.

I lifted mine up and it says sealy with data badge: model number etc.

Wouldn't recommend it though. It's falling apart after 12 months.

Checking the badge did take all the fun out of memorising the manufacturers of all my household's beds though.

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