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Internet dating/socialising.. what do you want??

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Hi all singletons, and non-singletons with an opinion to give......


I currently run singles events in Sheffield and these are going really well. I am looking at how I can expand my offering to people and through my website I want to devise the 'missing link' in current internet dating/socialising offerings.


If you do internet date, or have done previously, what would make this experience more successful/enjoyable/personal??


How do you feel about the psychometric testing that is now appearing on the more expensive sites? Does it work?


Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas welcome......





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I'm surprised there were no replies so far?


I have tried the site mentioned on here called 'Plenty of Fish' and had one date (by choice) out of loads of replies- it does have quite extensive questionnaires to complete about whom you are.


I'm sure there are some nice lasses on that site, but there's also alot of bitter and angry (and possibly unbalanced) females masquerading as 'liberated' and 'independent'- so why spout off their hang-ups on a dating site then?

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