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Riff raff -1991 film


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Did anybody watch this on TV yesterday?


It stars Robert Carlyle and Ricky Tomlinson.


Quite a good film, by Ken Loach.


He is known for his naturalistic, social realist directing style and for his socialist beliefs, which are evident in his film treatment of social issues such as homelessness (Cathy Come Home) and labour rights (Riff-Raff).


You might know him for directing 'Kes'.


5 minutes into the film there is a good few lines about the absurd economic situation of the times.


1990 eh, millions of people without homes. You know how many people are out of work in this country? About 3.5 million, you know how many are building workers? 250000 - (*friend chips in - yeah but half of em dont want to work). Oh behave yourself! of course they want to work. Millions of acres of unused land, I'm not talking about greenbelt, for building on, and the brickyards are fully stocked with gear, no one should be without a home in the 1990s.


Liverpool City Council built 5000 council houses when they were in power, the labour council, what happend to them, they got debarred, the rest of the country built ... *



*- (not very many - This was under the tories when housing was being sold off, stopped getting built and housing standards suffered and began the decline which has continued to the present day, under the nu-labour and subsequent condem governments.)



Good film, well worth a watch, Ken Loach has made some great films.


How sad that it echoes today though!

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and its here to watch...............for free

legally on kens own youtube channel

oh it int infact, its only 2 minute clip and need to pay for the rest tut, even tho the index says its 1 hour 34 tut

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yeah lying basts, on the index page it just listed 1.32 mins untill you clicked on it then it said 2 minutes tut


I'm pretty sure you could find it for free on the net if you were that way inclined.

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There's a Ken Loach film on at the cinema now. Angels' Share. Really good, go see it! I have seen a fair few more of his films including Kes, Wind That Shakes the Barley, The Navigators and Looking For Eric. All good!

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