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Prometheus: The new Alien film

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For you 'Alien' or Ridley Scott fans, what are your expectations and hopes for the new film, which isn't a prequel, apparently?


The trailer looks great, but action-packed compared to the slower, tense 1979 epic?


Do you expect it to all action and CGI and less story, or satisfyingly explaining the events prior to the famous 1979 film?

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I thought it was really good, although very brutal in parts! It didn't really answer that many questions, it seemed to open up more questions more than anything. Had me glued to my seat throughout though.

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Is it on IMAX? If so I might go next week.


I watched it on IMAX on Tuesday. I really enjoyed it, but I can also see why people would be disappointed if they thought they were going to another Aliens film.

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