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Fake charity Please Read/Help

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Today I was at a car boot where I came across someone claiming to be selling goods with the proceeds going to charity, I've seen these people at this same car boot on several occasions now. I asked them about what they do and they said they take a wage and the rest goes to charity. They have a sign on there van with the charity name and the registered charity number, I made a note of the number and have just checked on the direct gov website and its not there so I assume this is a fake charity. So does anybody out there know how and who I can report these fakes to???????

As I think this is disgusting.


Cheers for and advice and help.


Ps I will not name the fake company on here.

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its as bad as people saying they are a charity collecting clothes


Well to be honest most of the items they sell are clothes and shoes and they said they have collection bins out and about so it seems like a good fake charity in the sense that they probably get a lot of items in these bins.

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Probably won't do any good but have you called 101 and reported it to the local police as it comes under the banner of fraud.


thankyou,ive just phoned them its derbyshire police i needed to ring but they cant really help me as i didnt get the reg number for the van they were driving

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