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FPP Personal Training Programme


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I have 1 place available for new client on my F.P.P personal training programme. A personalised programme focusing on you, your optimum health and your future.


The FPP personal training programme is a personal programme that is designed around you and your goals. Working together we will identify your FOCUS – what is exactly that you want to achieve? What are your dreams? Using effective goal setting strategies will we establish short, medium and long term goals and the actions needed to ensure you achieve them. Through positivity techniques we will find your PASSION, the key to you achieving your goals, your motivation, the driving force that will keep you focused and on track. Through in-depth nutrition advice, daily direct contact and a mixture of cardio and resistance work out sessions we will give you the POWER to take responsibility for your life, your health and your happiness and achieve your goals.


With a choice of 1, 2 or 3 one to one sessions a week you can decide on the intensity of your programme. Each month of booked sessions starts with a free consultation ensuring your plan is on track and progressing

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