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York castle museum

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it's really easy to incorporate it into a York trip, easy to reach by foot from the other principal attractions, even with small kids. The museum is really rather good. I went with some Japanese people once who loved it because the Japanese love castles - almost all of theirs have been destroyed down the centuries, and there's hardly any left, compared to here.


they had little pamphlets concerning particular events about the history of York in Japanese language on sale, I bought some from the shop as gifts for them. Not every UK tourist attraction, especially outside London, has that kind of scope. I was really proud of the UK tourism industry that day.

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Haven't been for years but the castle museum was always the best museum in York.


A store that once belonged to one of my ancestors was in one of the mock street scenes in that museum, the store was called Ellekers (owners name was Elleker Easingwold), it sold metal-ware things like pans if I remember correctly.


If you happen to notice it I'd love to know if it still exists because I know they have changed a lot of things in there since I last visited.

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You can visit York Museum and also Clifford's Tower and York Dungeon. All three attractions are grouped together.


Doing the dungeon last, you can wander up the Shambles towards the Minster. From there, gain access to the walls at Monk Bar.


Walk in a clockwise direction and 'get off' at Lendal Bridge. You then have the Ouse (take a pleasure cruiser) and Museum Gardens. You can then walk into the shopping area and have lunch at The House of Trembling Madness on Stonegate.

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