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Cricket a Gay Game

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He's also remarkably unattractive and old looking for his years. I was just looking up who he is as I've never heard of him.

As by chance I came across this site called "Jason Alexander - The best handsome man". I can't work out whether the creator of this site was being genuine or ironic. Still here's a link, and you can decide for yourselves:



Reminds me of this fellow


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Using an Americanism to make a derogatory statement about Americans.


Oh the irony...


wrote this earlier, but thought I'd better watch the offending interview before posting-


"I sense a rather disturbing trend of American bashing brewing here.


Alexander is a comedian and comedy actor. His routines are obviously ironic.


He is famous for being a character who is ignorant and contradictory to the extreme, and I see no reason why he should not bring the character to his stand up and even repeat in interviews."


OK watched it now.


My opinion has not changed. It might not be rib-ticklingly funny, but it's hardly a reason for us all to turn into little englander LGBT crusaders.


And I should point out that I am the most pinko, lefty, right on, pc(er) I know.


Has anyone else watched it ?


And has anyone read his apology ? That upset me more.

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Alexander is obviously a moron and an idiot but there's no need to always start the equally idotic rant that all Americans are the same.

That kind of crap is getting old.

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American Seinfield actor Jason Alexander says Cricket is a jay game then apologises profusely is that an insult to cricket or gays or is he just an ignorant American.


I think its just overly insensitive drama queens who can get upset at a comedic attempt at humour that went down well in Australia but failed this time.He wasn`t having a go at anyone it was just for a laugh.


If he is just a dumb ignorant American i wish i was the same with about $80 million in the bank.

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