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Transit of Venus, Wednesday

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There's ther Sheffield Astronomical Society,I think they still meet at mayfield ?


I'll be getting images if the clouds allow !






I've tried dropping them a line via Twitter, and will try to ring tomorrow.


Isn't the Mayfield observatory Westward facing though - i.e. transit will be over before Sun crests hill?

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They have a Facebook group which has a message about a meeting on Burbage Moor -

"To get here just head up Ringinglow road westward. Go past the Norfolk arms and continue for another 1/2 mile - lay-by is on the right."


Link to Facebook page - but you probably need to have a facebook account to see it:


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I read about this in The Daily Mail. So cannot it be seen with the naked eye ?


The backdrop to this is the surface of the sun, so even if it could be seen with the naked eye it's not really an advisable thing to watch as looking directly at the surface of the sun is terribly damaging to the eyes.


What you need for watching this is either a lens projecting onto a screen to allow you to watch on a screen rather than looking at the sun or some really good mylar sheeting or similar, which is why it's best watched in a group.

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