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Firm develops non-intoxicating cannabis

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All it's medical usefulness without the drag. But to recreational users with medicinal as the excuse, this will literally be a Buzz-Kill.


The unique strain was grown in the greenhouse of the medical cannabis company Tikun Olam, and tested by Professor Ruth Galili of the Hebrew University's department of Immunology. The company has recently begun to offer the drug to patients eligible for medicinal marijuana treatment.



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It will still be class A illegal so it makes no difference.

no it isnt, if its none thc it takes it out of the recreational drug use category and can be used for medicinal and other uses quite legally


although itll still be controlled strictly, if you made a tshirt out of it im sure youd prolly have to prove its of the manufacturing variety?


i used to have an ozric tentacles lp cover that was made out of hemp, im sure it wasnt actually illegal to possess?

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I wonder what the, "I want cannabis for medical condition," lot will think of this. What's the betting they don't want it?

course they want it tut, a lot of people with medical problems want it cos it helps them, and NOT cos it gets you stoned


its funny how its been about for a couple of decades being used for medicinal purposes and for stuff like tshirts and instead of paper and rope, theres still ignorance and stigma about it

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