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Electric Cooker - Loud Booming Noise??

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I was just cooking a pizza in my electric oven which is only a few years old. My partner was walking past it when it suddenly made a booming noise very similar to dragging a large table across a hard floor. It imeditaley blew all the electric to the oven and destroyed the cookers trip switch.


Other than the loud noise and being to scared to wire the thing back up, there were all little black speckles all over the dinner in the oven, which is kept very clean.


Does anyone have any ideas what in the oven could make such a loud noise and if so if it might be repairable or if I should just fork out for a new one?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advanced.

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Ok I'm no cooker engineer, but usually you need a moving part to make noise.

And the only moving part in an oven is the fan, so it's possible then fan has suffered from a catastrophic failure, perhaps also burning out the fan motor which caused a short and trashed the electrics.


I had my oven fan fail, it was actually the heating element around it that had warped and was catching the fan blades and eventually the fan could turn no more. That was about £80 for a man in a van repair, luckily the fan was fine and it just needed the heating element replacing. But I remember being warned if the fan and motor have gone that could be around the £150 ballpark. Double that and you've got a brand new oven.

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hiya give cookertech a call they provide a free estimate and give great service from qualified engineers. cheers , oh there number is 01246209741


All your posts are regarding promoting cookertech, would this by chance be your company?

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