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Diesal tune up box

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On Ebay there are two or three companies advertising tune up boxes that you fit to your diesel car .

These boxes apparently give you more power and better miles per gallon.

The adds state that these systems are better than having your car re chipped as you can remove this box at any time.

Has any one any info on these devices please.

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i have one on my golf tdi. easy fit plug and play and it works. gives me 28hp more on a 110hp. just get one witch has the switchers to tune it to your own car .and it,s, better on fuel to

Cheers Jordan, The ones I have been looking at seem to be programed for a specific car.

You have to list your car and model etc and they come ready programed


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I had one (back in the box now) on my Navara.

Dropped fuel economy and would sometimes drop the engine into 'limp' mode!!!

Utter rubbish but other brands may work fine.

Well these on ebay are gauranteed for 3 years so it says, but will wait just to see if more people have any experiances with the boxes.


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I had a DTUK one on my Vectra 150 , 200bhp is a little optimistic. All a tuning box does is fool the ECU into dumping more fuel into the engine , also if your car has a fuel computer the mpg figure is inaccurate because the ECU thinks it s using less fuel than it actually is (Vectra was about 10mpg out) A remap although expensive is the way to go as it takes into account all engine parameters not just fuel (timing , turbo boost etc) so the fuel comp will be accurate. I had the Vectra remapped (BSR) after having the tuning box which took it to 180bhp but by god it used every one of em. The torque was incredible , if i put my foot down in 3rd going up east bank road , it would still put you back in your seat. Remap all the way :hihi:

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