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Is there anyone here who works for Citizens Advice Bureau as I would like some advice please.


My situation is as follows, I am a 32 year old bloke who lives alone, and who is a long term sufferer of depression and have been claiming Disability Living Allowance to support this.


I am also claiming Job Seekers Allowance as am out of work, now here is my problem, I have been living a rather messy and unsettled life at home, which is due to me not having any appropriate bedroom furniture especially a bed.


I have been sleeping on my settee for over a year and have not been able to afford to buy one, the bedroom storage problem is a real issue as I only have my stuff in a small double wardrobe and have the rest of stuff on rails and in bags and boxes in an empty room that should be my bedroom.


I have therefore been living in 1 room on my settee with single bedding that has to be washed on a regular basis, this also counts for the stuff in the empty room as with stuff in bags and boxes things get dusty very easy and therefore require constant cleaning as well. I have no washing machine because my mum has to take care of all my washing and domestic needs, so obviously things need cleaning and maintaining quite frequently.


With this being the case, you can imagine after years of living with the bare minimum of essentials, it has caused quite a strain on my family relationships and only adds to the chaos in my home with others doing stuff that I should be doing but can't.


So without going too deep into this, are there any avenues I can go down where I can be entitled to having a new bed as that would be of critical importance to me, I am not meaning having something donated or having a second hand mattress, I mean something somewhere which can cater for people on JSA and DLA like a family funding for single people, in which I can list what I need without having to pay anything back, please help as I am in desperate need.

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I would try freecycle/Freegle..

Lots of people giving away things like single beds and other bits of bedroom furniture/storage.. Ive gotten stuff for my MIL and with some nice asking most people dropped them off for free or cost of petrol (about a £5) as neither of us drive. Even off the Sheffield forum snagged a TV cart for her and the people brought to her, with no issues.


I wouldnt fuss about it not matching, when you get better you can have that. What you need right now is something to help you get there.


Good luck.

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