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Nhs wheelchair no longer suitable. Could I get one off motability?

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Hi people.

As many of you will know I use a nhs electric wheelchair, well my current one doesn't really suit my needs as I'm too tall for it which means I can't use the footplates. Well because I have to leave my legs dangling which is now having a bad effect on my ankles and legs. So I think I could do with a scooter.


The only problem is I've only had this wheelchair about 1 and a half years so I'm guessing the nhs won't just supply me with a new one? Well if they won't my second idea would be to get one off motability but as I have a motability car does this mean I can't get a scooter?

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You need to speak to an OT and they will re access you for a new chair it wont matter if you have only had the chair a short while.

Yes i know a good few people who have wheelchairs on motabilty but you need to contact motability at harlow for a information pack.

Regards sharon.

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You are right in thinking you can't buy / lease both a car and a chair through motability. It's only one or the other, at a time.


Clark and partners did do finance at one time. If you need a loan, you would be best working with a credit union to get a low-cost loan, but that takes a short while to build up your credit rating with them.

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