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Computer shuts down with pdf.


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Hi, I've been asked to look into a computer issue, it's a Fujitsu Siemens esprimo E3500, http://uk.ts.fujitsu.com/rl/servicesupport/techsupport/professionalpc/ESPRIMO/Value/EsprimoE3500.htm

It's an odd issue, it's got 2GB of Ram, and seems to work fine websurfing, until you try to open a pdf file, it just shuts down, restarts as though you have just tuned it on, no blue screen, no 'safe mode' option etc.

I use foxit reader as opposed to adobe,

I'm fairly computer savvy, so I've been into the bios and adjusted the video memory settings to fixed from dvmt to ascertain if that was the problem, updated the video drivers as i was thinking that's where the problem was.

but no luck. Shame as it's ok as a PC, but for this issue.

Any ideas you computer-ists.

Regards, acman.

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Hi JC, No not done that, might be worth a try, the ironic thing about it, is that when I'm on the link I put in above, the fujitsu website, when I try to access the 'motherboard manual', that shuts it down.

If I open the foxit reader program, it seems OK, really wierd.


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Thanks nee..k, I use foxit on all the other Pc's in the house with no issue, as you'll know it's not as bloated as adobe, the other unusual thing is again on the link provided, (fujitsu siemens), if i click the 'data sheet' link, the pdf opens with no problem?

The data sheet link is 4 pages, where the motherboard manual link is 36 pages, don't know if that's an issue, that's why i was thinking of a memory problem, even tried changing the memory for another 2gb stick, but it didn't cure it.

Regs, acman.

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There is something a little out of the ordinary with that motherboard manual PDF. If I click on the link in Chrome, it tries to preview it without opening Adobe Reader and displays the following message:


'Parts of this PDF document could not be displayed. Install Adobe Reader? Yes/No'


Sounds like Foxit is just killing the PC instead of handling the incompatibility issue.




Previewing it shows a lot of graphics, that shouldn't be an issue, but there is also a lot of foreign language characters in there. Maybe Foxit can't render the font or characters properly or can't find a suitable replacement.

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