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Dogs in rescue - All needing a home


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Just to say hello to all our newbie followers on the pet interest group and to share the knowledge of all the small animal groups that are on here who look after the animals who are desperately in need of a home.

As others may know there is now a website http://www.ineedahome.co.uk that has been set up by one of the fabulous rain rescue volunteers to highlight the plight of the dogs and cats that are desperately in need of a home.

This website offers a free service to rescues in south yorkshire to place their dogs and cats so that more people will be able to see the animals waiting in rescue. On this website you will also find the 3 "poundie".Kennel dogs

Sheffield council Strays http://www.ineedahome.co.uk/index.php?option=com_form2contentsearch&task=search.display&pb=1&searchformid=1&results=8&f2cs_1_1=1&f2cs_1_5=&f2cs_1_4=&f2cs_1_6=&Itemid=115

Mount pleasant kennels - http://www.ineedahome.co.uk/index.php?option=com_form2contentsearch&task=search.display&pb=1&searchformid=1&results=18&f2cs_1_1=13&f2cs_1_5=&f2cs_1_4=&f2cs_1_6=&Itemid=115

Cliffe kennels- http://www.ineedahome.co.uk/index.php?option=com_form2contentsearch&task=search.display&pb=1&searchformid=1&results=19&f2cs_1_1=12&f2cs_1_5=&f2cs_1_4=&f2cs_1_6=&Itemid=115

These dogs have been found lost / abandoned or some unfortunately handed in due to a change in their owners circumstances - These are not in rescue - these desperately need a home or space in rescue to make room for the next unwanted animal queuing to take their place.

Please share the website with your friends - I share my life with a rescue dog - she is my BEST FRIEND - and I so thank Rain Rescue for saving her life. Help us to help them all find a new home -

With over 200 dogs being put to sleep every week, because there is not enough homes , we need to spread the word - These dogs cannot talk - we need to be their voice - please help us to help them find a home. SHARE - Thank you - Nix

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Well done Mrs Nix, for bringing this back up to everyone's attention - I'm sure people don't know how many are in the pounds each week.


Just last week - there were 70 in one pound - 80 in another, and I don't know how many in Sheffield. So many unwanted 'mans best friends'.

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There's been a lot Rain.

I know BADAW have just taken another three boys - one is only 10months old. Two of them were due to be PTS last week but the Pound held on for BADAW. The other was going to be PTS this coming Wednesday, just because he'd been in since April - no other reason.


It is so sad.. because someone bred these dogs, most likely on purpose or didn't take the correct precautions with their pets (spay/neuter) and this is the future for these dogs.. Pound and then euthanasia.

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We have just updated the photos of the dogs in need of a home from Mount pleasant kennels, some more of them are on here too - http://s405.photobucket.com/albums/pp140/nicholl5/MOUNT%20PLEASANT%20KENNELS%20%20Wakefield%20Rd and I know with thanks to the staff in the Sheffield council kennells this is updated regularly & we will be updating the cliffe kennels over the next couple of days so please keep checking the site - http://www.ineedahome.co.uk and share with everyone you know

This really does help save a life - Thank you Nix

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