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Home from home animal boarding

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Hi everyone


Just letting you all know that I have vacancies for dogs over the summer. We are a friendly dog-loving family and treat our canine visitors as if they were our own! Reasonable rates; £20 per day for one dog, £28 for 2 from the same family. Please enquire for further details 07535 975503


Avoid the stress of kennels and treat your dog to a holiday with a new family!



07535 975503


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Yes I have a big soppy Aussie shepherd lab cross. I would suggest a couple of meetings before a final decision is made - I wouldn't want any dogs to be unhappy!


I also have 3 small children which could be seen as a blessing (lots of stroking and playing) or a curse (no kid-hating dogs allowed!)!



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You know, I'm so glad you posted that question because I wasn't aware that I needed a license!


I guess I ought to get my application in.....


You have to apply to the council for it but other than that I don't know much about it.

I was only asking as I have a few dogs and am looking at the possibility of either home boarding or finding a reliable pet sitter in the hopes we may get away next year.

I don't like kennels as my dogs wouldn't cope in that environment so I wouldn't be happy leaving them.


Thank you and please come back to me when you are sorted.

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Ok, thanks Helen. I've googled it and it costs £200 until 31st december then £175 to renew each year! I'll look into it on Wednesday but I don't really have the spare cash at the moment unfortunately.


Annoying as we're a lovely home for dogs but I can understand the need for it and it was pretty naive of me not to realise I needed one!


Thanks for the enquiry anyway


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ok Jenny. I think if you could get the money together it would be worth your while doing it as there's always demand for home boarding.

I've used Mutlins on Gleadless Rd in the past and have been very pleased with them but they book up 12 to 18 months in advance and I can't plan that far ahead.

Good luck and thanks for your response.


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