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Canine seasonal illness.


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does anyone know much about this. I have just spoke to a friend of mine who lost her 4 year old dog last week to this condition. she only ever walks in one area with her dogs, wadsley common, so he def picked it up up there. I dont know much about this condition. should I keep my dogs from walking up there? is it concidered an infected area? and how far can the spores which cause this conddition travel...


My friend is devestated by this and has informed me that the vet has told her this is the 5th dog in the sheffield area which has recently died!!

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Just looked up canine seasonal illness and it says if your dog starts vomiting has a temperature or the runs after going out for a walk get them to the vets A.S.A.P as it could be canine seasonal illness and can be in any area.

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