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Please help - man making his dog attack others

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I just don't know what to do. A man nearby is purposely letting his dog attack other dogs, his house is very secure so he's leaving the gate open and letting them roam around. He's such an evil man :(


Everyone in the neighbourhood is scared of him and his dogs, and won't report the attacks, its also attacked a man.


He's walking them in the area off lead, and doesn't stop them attacking.


I'm now becoming scared to walk my little dog, they wouldn't stand a chance.


I've spoken to crimestoppers (because its anonoymous) and apparently the police can do NOTHING unless its reported.


We also live on a school route, so some poor kid could be attacked.


I can't sleep I'm so stressed :(

Does anyone have any advice? Please help.

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Its near Crystal Peaks kind of, I don't want to be specific incase he sees it, but if it was your area you'd know. Everyones worried about it at the moment.


Well crimestoppers said unless it actually attacks or tries there's nothing they can do, and it couldn't be 'anonymous' because it'd be like it didn't happen :(


Its just so frustrating, its like we're waiting for something to happen. I'd be devastated if it did, I'm worried just thinking about it.


I've decided to carry a rape alarm in the hopes it would scare or at least startle it. At least that's something.


My dog really would be killed though, these dogs are just soooo aggressive :(


He's the scummiest man I've ever known.

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you could also carry a pet corrector spray in the mean time just as anther tool that would hopefully startle his dogs if you were ever faced with them. remember if you are, do not run.


could you rally a few neighbours that you trust and report him together?


until it is sorted, could you drive a short way to take your dog out just so you feel safer.


good luck with this :(

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Police won't take reports unless there has actually been an attack, and the people who have had attacks are too afraid of this man.


Police don't give your name to the man! if there has been an attack or if you have been threatend please report it for the safety of others.

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