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£3-7k to spend on a static caravan .help

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following on from another thread about static caravans and the depreciation you lose, can anyone advise me please how to go about buying a caravan thats had most of the depreciation knocked out of it .......around £6999 or there abouts for a tidy van but obviously not mint condition,

do you buy them, 1//in the free ads etc

2// go to caravan sales and buy them there

3//go to off site caravan pitches which tend to be on side roads in skegness , very confused..........

trying to find a way of buying a cheap caravan where by the owner makes his money but the selling guys dont rip you off and the owners get nothing ,,,,,,,,,,,if you see what i mean....

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Have you considered getting together with, say, 11 other people and buying a static caravan (trailer) elsewhere [as in somewhere a long way away which is rather warmer and has better weather], each using it for 2 weeks of the year and leasing it to others for the other 28 weeks? (the rental would pay for the upkeep and pay a little towards the cost of going there.)


It's all very well having a caravan in [somewhere like] Skeggy, but how much does it cost to keep it going (regular maintenance)?


How much money will your caravan make in November, December, January, February and March and how much will it cost during those months?

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Hi we have just come back from a holiday yesterday at humberstone cleethorps.

We had a walk to what used to beachhome holliday park" Now beachcomer.

There are just has you go through the gates to the left 2 realy nice static caravans both are 34" two double bedrooms and in very modern.One is priced at 7k the other is 6k including transfers to any site and the rest of this years fees.

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Happy Days leisure caravan site on Trunch Lane, Skegness.

They have some very nice vans for 4k-7k and currently have an offer on where you get the first years ground rent free.


I think you only get transfer fees if you buy the van privately, if you buy one from the sites own caravan list there shouldn't be a transfer fee.

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