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Large Study Desk - Egger Eurolight

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I am wanting to have a large bespoke study desk created. Although it will be a bespoke desk, it will also be very simple - basically a desk area (hopefully resting on battens across three walls - if possible) with some holes for cable grommets.


I have had this done before in 25mm thick veneered chipboard and the result was fine (although it was a challenge to find 25mm iron-on edging). Anyway, this time I would like to have something that appears (and hopefully is) more sturdy, so I have been looking at Egger's Eurolight board.




Which, as it says, it low weight, high strength - but I think it also would look the business with it having a thickness of 50mm, giving it that chunky look


If any Joiner reads this and would like to quote for it, I would be happy to receive a PM. I have all the measurements.


Of course, also, if any Joiner reads this and would advise me to stay away from using this material for a desk, that advice would be extremely helpful as well.


Many thanks for reading.

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No, it doesn't cover three walls, it's the battens that will be placed on three walls. The desk will sit on battens placed on three walls, effectively in an alcove - for good support. It will just be a normal one-wall desk, but in an area where it goes wall-to-wall.

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Depending on what width & length you need you could use a flush door.Off the shelf,economical and choice of veneer finishes.


Ideally, I am looking at 850mm deep. The challenge is the length - my wall space is about 3150mm - I want to do this without supporting legs, hence the battens. The thickness of the material and its rigidity is therefore important. That's why I took a look at this Egger Eurolight stuff.


I am not sure, even if the material is considered good enough for a desk at that kind of length, whether I would still require two separate pieces - purely for logistical reasons.


That said, it doesn't have to be wall-to-wall. I could just have a good desk made from this stuff - like here - http://www.mybigdesk.com/ - which is very close to what I want - but it has the cable hole in a strange place (I think) and, of course, it's quite expensive.

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