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10 Cadbury's cream eggs for a pound!

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Been to the market today, some good deals on.


The fish stall in the middle has 2 lemon sole fillets for a quid. That is silly cheap! Not usually a fan as it's generally expensive for what you get but at that price it's a steal.


Broccoli is everywhere. 3 massive trees for a quid on one stall, and even cheaper on another.


But best of all, Cadbury's cream eggs, TEN for a quid. I bought loads when Waitrose were selling them off cheap.... I Knew I should have held out :)

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I heard there's one huge creme egg in heaven from which all the world's happiness derives.


have you seen that therapist yet? Obviously not. :loopy:


I will hold that thought forever,what a lovely description,i'll bet Cadburys would love it.

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