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Gardener Required - Rough Quote Please

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I'm wanting a little bit of gardening work doing, nothing fancy, just a bit of tidying up really, and I'm looking for rough quotes as to how much it might cost me.


I live in a end house so have got 3 decent sized gardens. Not big but then again not small.


The front garden really just needs mowing/tidying (along with weeds etc removed from the garden path), the side garden again needs mowing/tidying but theres also a a very short hedge/shrub that I would like removing (not just chopping down as I don't want it to grow back). The back garden needs a bit more doing. Firstly theres a large bush that I would like removing and then, I think the garden itself probably needs digging up and new turf laying down, again, theres also weeds etc that need removing from the path. Thats pretty much it, I'm not bothered about plants or water features or rockeries or anything like that. The garden will barely be used, I simply want it just so that it doesn't look a mess.


I know its not ideal to give a quote without actually seeing what needs doing is anyone able to give me a rough price as to what they would charge?

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You'll not a vaguely accurate quote for the work without people coming out and seeing the site. Just as an example removing a "large bush" might take 10 minutes or 2 hours depending on root habit. Best advice would be stick a request for quotes in the jobs section and see which of the professionals on here have any spare capacity to get the work fitted in at the moment then get them out to view the job.

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hi there i would charge £10 an hour but that is for 2 people so works out at £5 which is cheap but all depends how long it would take and for that i would have to come and view the job. email me at richardlonnia@gmail.comif your interested if i can see the job i can let you know how long it should take and then you know i wont be ripping you off as if i dont get it done in that time frame i wont charge anymore unless discussed with yourself and agreed first.

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