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Emotional Film Scores


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Just what are your most epic and emotional film scores ever?


Which film gives you the most moving and stirring feelings all over and leave a lasting memory?


My specific themes are as follows...


Braveheart - "Freedom" / The Execution / Bannockburn theme by James Horner.


The Last Of The Mohicans - Main Title theme by Trevor Jones, Randy Edelman and Joel McNeely.

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I have a cd with some lovely film themes on it,they are a reminder of films i have enjoyed in the past.I don't think film scores are as good as they used.


They include...

Dances With Wolves.

Breakfast At Tiffany's

The Godfather.

Schindlers List.

Gone with the Wind,


and..Chariots of Fire.


Many of them are quite emotional.

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I don't know about emotional, but I found the Renton-taking-Begbie's-Bag scene in Trainspotting absolutley terrifying the first time I saw it. The way that "Born Slippy" plays and get's louder and louder as the tension increases is just genius.


The music playing during the "William, come here lad..." scene in Braveheart is very emotional.

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I'm not a Springsteen fan but whenever I hear him sing the theme tune to the film Philadelphia I get very emotional. The film was really good, Tom Hanks and

Antonio Banderas as a gay couple were excellent and the subtle changes in

Denzel Washington's character was brilliant.I loved it.

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The music for Transformers The Movie.


Not the crap one with Megan Fox and the useless transformers that don't look right but the proper Transformers movie the 80's cartoon one. Stan Bush did a masterful piece of film scoring for a fantastic film. That soundtrack has it all, you'll pretend you have something in your eye when Optimus Prime dies, you'll think you can run through walls when Hot Rod releases the power of the matrix at the end to the sound of the greatest **** rock track ever - The Touch. Its got all the emotion you'll ever need and its Orson Welles last film. What more do you need?

“I hate a good many things, but I suffer them all the same.”


Stannis Baratheon

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