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MMA, Thai Boxing, Strength & Conditioning in Sheffield

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Thank you for your message, apologies for the brief description - the first thread got deleted so I was wary about how much info I could put!


Yes, Kombat Sports has been operating for a while, but it has recently moved to a new purpose built gym based just off Queens rd (nr the Sheffield College). The promotional trial can be used by people of all age and levels of ability and we warmly welcome beginners. The sessions are delivered by pro-MMA & Thai Boxer Shaun Lomas.

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got a facebook page with some info/times etc?


Thanks for the message. There is a specific Facebook page for the promotion (if you search 'Kombat Sports Free Trial') but I don't have the rights to post links until I've made more posts. I hope this info is Ok, please just ask if you want anything clarifying etc.


Kombat Sports is at 110, Duchess Road, Sheffield, S2 4BL



12noon - MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

1pm - Thai Boxing

6pm - MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

7pm - Sparing 7pm - Catch Wrestling

8pm - Stand-up Boxing, Boxing, Kyokushinkai and Thai Boxing



12noon - Thai Boxing

1pm - MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

5pm - Kids Class

6pm - Thai Boxing

7pm - Sparing

8pm - Stand-up Boxing, Boxing, Kyokushinkai and Thai Boxing



10am - Strength and Conditioning

1pm - Sparing

6pm - MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

7pm - Strength and Conditioning



10am - Catch Wrestling

11am - Sparing



5:30pm - Kick Boxing Beginners/Fitness

6:30pm - Kick Boxing Beginners/Fitness


Ok the prices for classes are £5 per hour for a 'one off', or for unlimited classes its:


£40 for 1 month

£120 for 3 months

£200 for 6 months

£350 for 12 months


Our chief instructor also does private 1 on 1 lessons for £25, which can be for absolutely anything including weight loss, self defence etc.


There is a £20 joining fee for everyone who takes part, this is your membership which includes your insurance.


All in all the prices are very good for what you get out of it!

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5 an hr is standard and reasonable I think. Not sure how much a double session would be. judging by the class times it seems the instructors live there! That's not a diss btw


Sorry, that's what I meant. If I dropped in at 6pm on Tuesday and then stopped till 9pm it would be £15?

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