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Western Road Secondary School, Crookes

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During the London bombing in WW2 my parents took my brother and I to live with our grandparents (my fathers parents) at 329 Springdale Rd in Crookes.

I attended Western Rd. (Junior?) school and subsequently went to the Westrn Rd. Secondary School. The headmaster was Mr Burnet and my class teacher was Mr. Taylor. My best friend there was Mike Jackson (Jumbo!).

After finishing school my first employment, and Mike's , was as apprentice Chefs at the Grand Hotel, Sheffield. Monsieur Chummerie was the chef de cuisine, suis chef was Mr. Patterson.

After a few years there both Mike and I decided we didn't like the business and we both joined the Regular Army for 5 year enlistments plus reserves etc.

Mike went to the Royal Engineers and I joined the R.A.M.C. He finished up in Malaya (then a hot spot) and I in BAOR (Germany). Bad Lippsoringe, CCS

After our army days Mike and parents emmigrated to Australia and after a few years I lost contact with him.

In 1960 I emmigrated to USA. After a few years, I went to Port Arthur college in Texas for Marine communications and electronics. Received my government licenses etc and went to sea in the US Merchant Marine (US Merchant Navy) as an Asst. Radio Officer and spent 20 years at sea on freighters, tankers etc. I retired after 20 years as REO (Radio Electronic Officer) and worked for a few years more as a communications tech

in Colorado. Then came to Florida 10 years ago. Phew!

I think it may be possible that Mike Jackson came back to Sheffield?

But I long ago lost ties with many, so who knows? I don't.

If any of this winding tale "rings a bell"? Please contact Expat-Mike at

mdgaidheal@bellsouth.net. Thanks

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